Virtual Camp FAQs

Virtual Camp

Are programs focused on one topic?

No. Unlike our on campus programs Virtual Camp covers all aspects of STEAM through a series of workshop challenges. Sample workshops include - Offibits Zipline Challenge, Plus-Plus + Circuitry, Suspension Bridge Design, and Design a Habitat.

Do all grades do the same challenges?

Yes, and no. While the workshops will be the same, the level of difficulty and end goal is scaled to the grade level. For example, if you have a Kindergartener and a Third Grader, they would be able to work together for the most part, but the Third Grader would have some tasked with doing more.

Are challenges the same each week or are there new ones?

No two weeks are the same! New challenges, concepts, and tools are introduced each week keeping students engaged and learning. Each week has different workshop challenges, though there are some similarities in a few. For example, building a bridge to accomplish a goal is included in multiple weeks, but the materials used and end goal change week to week. The first week, each student receives a STEAM Toolkit that includes all the tools they will need for the challenges. They only receive the STEAM Toolkit once. Each following week, students receive featured educational product, like Doodlematic, another week is a drone kit There will be bonus calls for these products to help unlock the full potential.

What is the daily schedule?

Programs take place Monday - Friday. Students meet as a group with their educator four times a day concepts are discussed, tools and materials are reviewed, and challenges are presented. Full day students have Google Clasroom Meetings with their group at 9:00A, 11:00A, 1:00P, and 3:00P. Half day students have Google Clasroom Meetings with their group at 9:00A and 11:00A.

I live in New York, can I do Virtual Camp?

Yes! We ship boxes throughout the US, so students in the 48 contiguous states are welcome to register! * At this time, all class meetings are EST.

How much parent support is involved?

Our goal is for workshops to be not require parent support. Our educators are there to set up the challenges, explain the goals, and help with questions. That said, younger students may need support on some activities.

Can my children share a box?

Workshop supplies are for an individual student, as are the educator meetings.

How do I transfer from a campus program to virtual?

Requests to transfer to Campus Programs (Charlottesville, VA only) must be made 14 days prior to the program.To do so:

  1. Email and let us know that you want to transfer. We will issue a coupon credit for any monies paid that you can apply to Virtual Camp.
  2. Go to the Virtual Registration Page available here:
  3. Select your preferred week.
  4. Select the appropriate grade level
  5. Use your coupon code and complete your purchase!

Do you have half day programs?

We do! Once you select your week, you have the options to select half day camp. In this case, students will attend only the 9:00A and 11:30A meetings and will receive the workshops for only the two morning activities.

Can I register for just one week and then add more?

Absolutely! You are welcome to try STEAM before committing to additional weeks. You simply need to register 14 days ahead of the session you would like to take.

How much does it cost?

Virtual Full Day Camp Tuition – includes 4 educator-led meetings a day

  • First Week: $350/student (includes the STEAM toolbox valued at $70)
  • Additional Weeks: $300/student


Virtual Half Day Camp Tuition – includes 2 educator-led meetings a day

  • First Week: $199/student (includes the STEAM toolbox valued at $70)
  • Additional Weeks: $165/student

What are some of the activities?

Sample workshops include:

  • Offbits Zipline Challenge
  • Plus-Plus + Circuitry
  • Suspension Bridge Design
  • Design a Habitat

Is Virtual Camp Right for you?

To be successful at virtual camp, students will need the following:

  • Internet access for daily meetings
  • Access to a device (iPad, computer, etc) that they can use during the day
  • Ability to join scheduled meetings
It is preferred that students have the following:
  • Webcam for meetings
  • Ability to take and submit pictures
  • Headphones​
Younger students may require some parent support

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