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At STEAM Discovery Academy, we believe in Edutainment, providing fun, educational experiences to our students.


A key pillar of ensuring this experience is our educators, who bring the curriculum to life through engaging activities, a positive attitude and a passion for inspiring your minds.

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Why Work at STEAM?

Our Educators

Education is at the heart of what we do. That is why our staff is composed of professional educators, along with university scholars and program assistants who have a passion for STEAM.  Working at STEAM is a great opportunity for classroom educators to develop new skills, learn new concepts, and test new curriculum that translates to the school year. 


Educators present educational activities in a fun, engaging manner that sparks student interest and inspires creativity. They encourage students to come up with new and innovative ideas, promote collaboration and teamwork, and create an emotionally healthy environment for students. 


Developing the Next Generation

As Educators, we support university scholars' growth by providing opportunities to work with STEAM students and apply classroom learning. University scholars typically have at least one year of college in a related field, and proven experience working with students. We have limited opportunities for high school students who have previous STEAM experience, have a passion for working with students, and are looking to develop key skills. 


Summer programs are a great way to build an academic and professional resume by cultivating subject matter knowledge, oral communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, interpersonal and leadership skills, collaborative skills and creativity. 

Working at STEAM

We know that a summer break is essential for educators, that is why we do not require a summer-long commitment, rather a minimum commitment of two weeks. Typical schedules are Monday through Friday, from 8:30A-5:30P. 

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