Private Group Programming

Every group's needs are different. We offer three formats to get you started, which we will customize to meet your pod's learning goals

Program Options
How to Get Started
Virtual School & STEAM

Full Day

Students spend the school day supported in their Virtual Learning by our educator. When the school day ends, students enjoy STEAM Enrichment activities.

Clicking on a Tablet
Virtual Learning Support

Half Day

Students bring their own device and our educators support their school virtual learning. Students will have snack and lunch time, as well as free time to build and explore STEAM.

Supplemental Learning

Half Day

Students engage in hands-on STEAM activities and challenges to supplement their virtual learning. You can customize by selecting a specific theme.

Getting Started

Create Your Group

Private programs are based on six to 10 students. Identify the families with whom you want to partner

Decide Your Schedule

Decide the day(s) of the week, the times, and length of your programming. 

Select Your Format

Decide if you are looking for STEAM supplemental curriculum, Virtual Learning support, or a hybrid

Reserve Your Space

Contact us to lock-in the dates and times of your choosing.

Private Instruction FAQs

Learning Pods

How many students are in a learning pod?

Private instruction is based on 6-10 students in a learning pod. If you have more or less students, please contact us for pricing.

What are the program hours?

We offer both half and full day options for programming, but length can be customized to meet the needs of your learning group. Typically our half day programs are from 8:30A-12:30P or 1:30P to 5:30P. This can be adjusted based on your school's virtual scheduled. Our full day programs are from 8:30A-5:30P.

What days of this week is this offered?

We offer two options: 3 days a week or 5 days a week.

Is there a minimum commitment?

To faciliate virtual learning, families must commit to 6 weeks minimum

Can we have students in mulitple grades?

Yes, but we recommend keeping it to a 2-3 grade spread.