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Tutoring Support

Leveraging our roster of experienced educators, STEAM is able to provide tutoring support for a broad variety of subjects. 

Our tutors meet with students at the STEAM Incubator and leverage our resources to provide interactive learning experience. 

The Basics

What's Included

  • Dedicated Subject Expert

  • Space conducive to learning

  • Use of Technology 

  • On-Site Resources

  • Visual Aids

  • Teacher/Parent/Tutor Communication

Group Size

Individual and small group sessions are available. 

Subject Areas

From Math to Literary Arts, we support all core subjects, as well as Spanish language learning. Skilled at remediation, our specialists can help your student.

Meeting Location

STEAM Tutors meet with your student at our Berkmar Drive location. Equipped with AV and the resources of STEAM, your student will have a an learning experience.

Grade Levels

We support Elementary, Middle, and High School students. 


Our educators are available after school on Tuesday-Friday and on Saturdays.

Ready to Get Started?

Ask questions, get pricing details, and learn more by emailing!

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