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This isn't online school or childcare, this the intersection of education and entertainment - Edutainment. It is the  place that sparks new ideas and creativity. The place where resilience and confidence flourish. It’s the freedom to explore new concepts, test ideas, receive feedback, and try again educator support. 

No two weeks are the same! New challenges, concepts, and tools are introduced each week keeping students engaged and learning. Sample workshops include - Offibits Zipline Challenge, Plus-Plus + Circuitry, Suspension Bridge Design, and Design a Habitat.


Our five day virtual camps take place Monday-Friday. The daily schedule combines fun, engaging workshops with instructor support sessions. Students also receive a box with all of the materials they need to successfully complete four workshops a day. A STEAM toolkit is included with your first week’s tuition (valued at $70) and contains all the items that they will need (scissors, glue gun, complete art set, etc) for the week. 


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This isn't online school, this is online exploration. Students are challenged to explore new concepts, complete challenges, and experiment their way to solutions, while having fun. Through unique uses for toys, students learn without even knowing it.

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