Virtual Experience

Experience Edutainment

Virtual Experience !

Students meet with instructors four times a day where challenges are concepts are discussed, tools and materials are reviewed, and challenges are presented.

We offer three sections based on grade level to ensure a challenging and rewarding week. Students should select their grade level during the 2020-21 school year. Grade levels are:

  • Kindergarten - Second (K-2)

  • Third- Fifth (3-5)

  • Sixth-Eighth (6-8) 

New activities, challenges, and learning for 2021! No two weeks are the same! New challenges, concepts, and tools are introduced each week keeping students engaged and learning.

Full Day Sample Schedule:

  • 9:00A - Workshop 1 Meeting

  • 9:30A - Independent Work

  • 11:00A  - Workshop 2 Meeting

  • 11:30A - Independent Work

  • 1:00P - Workshop 3 Meeting

  • 1:30P - Independent Work

  • ​3:00P - Workshop 4 Meeting

  • 3:30P - Independent Work

Schedule will be finalized based on course and grade​. Times are EST

Course Materials

  • Each STUDENT will receive ONE STEAM toolkit for the summer. This STEAM toolkit is a $70 value and cannot be removed from the course fee.

  • If registering for more than one week, an additional Education Tool will be included in your box, along with the materials for the new workshops. 
    Additional toolkits can be purchased for $70/each.

  • Course tools and materials will be distributed as follows 

    • Material Pick-Up: Scheduled Pick-up on the Saturday before Camp. Only available in Charlottesville, VA.

    • Home Delivery:  All other student’s materials will be shipped 10 days before camp. Shipping fees are not included in tuition.

Academic Director, Mike Bruscia, explains the digital experience