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Event Attendee Waiver

What to Expect

We're thrilled that you will be celebrating at STEAM! Here is what you can expect: 


Location: 3004 Berkmar Drive, Charlottesville

Arrival: Drop off takes place in our lobby 10 minutes before the party time. After you park, please bring your student to the door where a staff member will check the attendee in and verify that we received the Event Waiver.


Participation: Guests must be at least 6 years old. Only invited guests with a completed Event Waiver may participate in activities. Celebrant siblings 5+ years may participant with adult supervision.


Pick-Up: Pick up takes place for 15 minutes after the party end time in the lobby.

Electronics: Please leave all electronics at home or in the car and do not bring to camp. If a student must bring a cell phone/communication device (ie Gizmo), it should be turned off during the program and remain in their bag. Any electronic brought, including step trackers, is the sole responsibility of the student and must not pose a distraction to the program. 

Allergies/Medical Conditions: Our programs may use latex gloves and other materials. The waiver includes a place to note these. Any allergies/conditions must be disclosed at least 48 hours in advance or they cannot be accommodated.

Waivers/Acknowledgments: All attendees must complete our event waiver below. This may be submitted on site, but may cause a delay in participation.

STEAM Event Waiver

Please complete a waiver for each attendee

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