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Student Behavior Expectations

At STEAM, we foster a community of respect, growth,  and kindness. Students and staff come from many different backgrounds and we want STEAM to be a safe place where everyone is free to be themselves. This document lists our primary expectations for student behavior when at STEAM Discovery Academy.


All students are expected to:

  • Be a good friend: Show respect and kindness to everyone. 

  • Work well with others: Value other people's feelings and differences. 

  • Be respectful: Show respect to educators, staff and fellow students at all times. Always use respectful language when addressing anyone and keep hands to yourself. 

  • Be a good citizen: Stay with your group at all times and move appropriately throughout campus.

  • Be a good learner: Follow instructions set forth by educators or assistants for each activity. 

  • Be responsible: Take responsibility for their actions and respect the facilities and property of STEAM, staff, and others.

  • Be honest: Honesty is the basis for all relationships and interactions

  • Stay positive: Have fun and try your best. 


The following are not allowed at STEAM Discovery Academy: 

  • Failing to follow behavior guidelines or Academy rules

  • Refusing to participate in activities or not cooperating with staff

  • Disrupting a program

  • Stealing or damaging property (personal or STEAM property). Parents will be responsible for costs of any vandalism or damages beyond normal wear and tear. 

  • Using profanity, vulgarity or obscenity

  • Leaving a program without permission

  • Endangering the health and safety of children and/or staff

  • Running and excessive shouting while indoors is not allowed.

  • Bringing personal items such as valuables, cash,  stuffed animals, toys, Pokémon (or similar) cards, or electronic devices (smart watches, phones, tablets, computers, e-readers, etc.), If a student must bring a cell phone/communication device (ie Gizmo), it should be turned off or in “School Time” during the day and phones must stay in students’ backpacks at all times, unless STEAM is notified of a medical reason. 


Students found in violation of the following may be subject to immediate dismissal with no refund of fees: 

  • Harassment, intimidation, bullying or discrimination. This includes gestures or written, verbal, physical or psychological acts that include inappropriate language, making gestures, verbally abusing or insulting, cyber bullying, assault, threatening, theft, or willfully damaging property. 

  • Endangering the health or safety of self or other students or staff members. 

  • Fighting or physical violence. 


By acknowledging this document, parents certify that they have read and discussed these items with their student.

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