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Dig it Up! Dinosaur Excavation Kit

Dig it Up! Dinosaur Excavation Kit

SKU: 13933556

Bring home the mystery and excitement of a paleontological dig! This kit includes everything a little paleontologist needs to explore: 3 big dig eggs, an explorer’s vest and 5 tools based on real paleontologist instruments. Use the explorer’s vest pockets and Velcro closures to keep your discoveries safe. The reusable plastic mat makes clean-up easy – wash it in the sink and use it again and again. To start digging, just soak each 2.25” x 4” clay dino egg in water, then chisel away to discover a T-Rex, a Stegosaurus or a Triceratops! Read the fun-fact cards to learn about the dinos you uncover. How long ago did they live? What did they eat? Did you know that “Stegosaurus” means “roofed lizard”? It’s an exciting discovery set – perfect for little dinosaur lovers!• Experience the thrill of discovery with 3 dig eggs, plus kid-sized paleontologist tools and vest• A hands-on lesson in science and the natural world• Perfect dinosaur-themed gift for your little paleontologist!• Vest fits most children ages 4 to 9• Includes 2 chisels, hammer, brush, sponge, magnifying glass, plastic mat, explorer’s vest, three 2.25”x 4” dig eggs, 3 collector fun-fact cards and instructions

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