Opening in July 2022!  STEAM Discovery Academy is thrilled to partner with Roanoke Catholic to bring STEAM programming to Roanoke! Combining the facilities of Roanoke Catholic and STEAM's experience in summer program, we look forward to providing fun, academic programs that inspire students to aspire! 


STEAM Discovery Academy is the brainchild of Mike Bruscia, a lifelong educator and current middle school science teacher. STEAM was developed to be  the intersection of education and entertainment - Edutainment. It is the  place that sparks new ideas and creativity. The place where resilience and confidence flourish. It’s the freedom to explore new concepts, test ideas, receive feedback, and try again with educator support. ​

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We offer multiple ways to spark students' interest in all aspects of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math and integrate leadership skill development including communication, teamwork, and goal setting to build resilience and self-confidence. Concepts and challenges are presented by combining education and entertainment, allowing students to grow while having fun.

Summer Programming

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We offer in person learning that provides students an incredible range of stimulating and creative activities for all students, no matter their level of experience.

Students collaborate, apply critical thinking, problem-solve creatively, and test their way to innovative solutions. 

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Part of the magic of STEAM is the array of products, tools, and toys that we use to teach skills and concepts. Bring the fun home with a few of our program favorites.

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